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How is Pesitho’s work practically implemented?


How is the ECOCA integrated in families daily life?


How is the technology developed by us, used by the people in need?




On this page you can find the major projects and campaigns that we are currently operating with or are supporting through providing ECOCA cooking units to the specific project.



The primary group of beneficiaries are refugees from different central and East African countries, such as South Sudan and the Republic of Congo. These families had to flee their home countries because of wars and currently live in the many refugee camps close to the borders in the West and North of Uganda.

Host Community


This group of beneficiaries are locals who live next to the refugee settlements. They are vulnerable groups of Ugandan society with low income. PESITHO also employs members of the host community in the local production facility in Lokopio next to the Bidibidi Refugee Settlement.

Farmers / Cooperative members


PESITHO has partnered up with the Organization CIDI to facilitate financing ECOCA cookstoves for members of a local Ugandan Coffee Cooperative. These farmers including young entrepreneurs, disabled people, and single parent households were able to buy ECOCA solar cookstoves for their families through subsidized prices and payment schemes.

Our current main projects

As of latest, PESITHO has been awarded the Journey 2 Scale grant, issued by the Humanitarian Innovation Fund and Elrha.

The financial support will be used to realize a set of goals that we set for our local production facilities and retailer network in Uganda, which we are working on to expand in collaboration with our partner MercyCorps.

UGANDA – Socioeconomic situation, refugees & how to help

Uganda is one of the Central / East African countries with a record of significant economic growth  over the past decade. However, this growth has slowed down the last few years, which is among other reasons heavily due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic (Worldbank).   Furthermore, as of 2019, 38.02% percent of the entire Ugandan population still live in extreme poverty, Read More

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Together with Caritas Uganda, Caritas Denmark and Care Denmark, PESITHO is part of the Camp+ initiative aiming to establish the world’s first fully sustainable refugee settlement in Kywangali, Uganda.


Pesitho Developments at Camp +

Updates on our developments to Camp + building the ECOCA Community Kitchens


PESITHO supports the initiatives by Gorilla Habitat to preserve the endangered Mountain Gorilla in the Virunga Mountains in Uganda. 

Our engagement in the project consists of both supporting local communities to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle through access to clean cooking facilities, as well as preserving the endangered gorilla species through prevention of deforestation for fire-wood supply.

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The ECOCA is a special case: Willingness-to-pay Study Recap (1)

Caritas Denmark released a report earlier this year, investigating the Willingness to pay for clean cooking solutions, and switching from traditional cooking methods, such as firewood and charcoal for cooking among different vulnerability groups in Uganda.   The report which was published in February, is based on a pilot study that took departure in Pesitho’s Read More

Further Projects & Updates

You can get information on recent updates on all the projects above, as well as further activities we are engaged in from our blog, which is updated weekly.