Our work

How is Pesitho’s work practically implemented?


How is the ECOCA integrated in families daily life?


How is the technology developed by us, used by the people in need?




Check out our current projects and get those questions answered:


Local Solutions to Local Problems – Caritas & Pesitho


Business during a pandemic – PESITHO under COVID-19


Partnering with Gorilla Habitat

Pesitho and Gorrila Habitat partnership towards protecting the habitat for the mountain gorillas living in the Virunga mountains



As an awardee of the MECS-TRIID grant funding, Pesitho worked with Aarhus University in collecting data on the environmental and health impacts of using the ECOCA solar stove for cooking compared to traditional biomass stoves.


Camp + in Uganda

Pesitho are providing a collaborative effort with Care Danmark and other innovative organisations to develop the worlds first climate-friendly refugee camp