The ECOCA is a special case: Willingness-to-pay Study Recap (1)

Caritas Denmark released a report earlier this year, investigating the Willingness to pay for clean cooking solutions, and switching from traditional cooking methods, such as firewood and charcoal for cooking among different vulnerability groups in Uganda.


The report which was published in February, is based on a pilot study that took departure in Pesitho’s ECOCA electric solar cookstove as the tested clean cooking solution that should serve as the example to investigate the challenges customers in the targeted area face, the needs they have, and how a clean cooking solution such as the ECOCA is accepted, used and demanded.

All in all, 575 households from different customers segments were part of the pilot study, in which they were asked about current household energy consumption and costs upon purchase of an ECOCA electric solar cookstove. Two months after receiving their ECOCA, customers were asked again about the same baseline questions, comparing the initial answers to numbers and answers after using the ECOCA electric solar cookstove for cooking.

Results clearly showed the necessity, and extensive demand and willingness to pay for the ECOCA electric solar cookstove in particular, compared to other clean cooking solutions.


While previous learnings and pilot-outcomes revealed that a general shift to clean cooking solutions does not propose as high of a willingness to pay, the ECOCA provides a different case due to its electricity access.

The game changer within the ECOCA as opposed to comparative cookstoves is the possibility to light homes and charge electrical devices such as phones, because of the USB ports powered by the attached solar panel.


This does not only make the ECOCA a clean cooking – but overall sustainable energy solution, saving significant amounts of time and money on a daily basis.



Therefore, willingness to pay showed to be much higher compared to products that “only” enable sustainable cooking.


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