What is the Ecoca?



Short summary:

The ECOCA is a compact, self-contained, multi-purpose home cooking unit, run by solar energy. It is to be imagined as a fully working kitchen, which can provide an entire family in a rural area with food and electricity throughout the whole day.

It consists of an electric base, which includes a battery pack, a solar panel array and a highly insulated cooking pot that can keep food warm for hours.




The small size and light weight of the ECOCA make it possible to install and use in all sorts of areas, making it extremely suitable and valuable for places like refugee camps in African countries, enabling the families that live in these spaces to prepare food for themselves at all times.

The electricity generated from the solar panel and stored in the battery can easily cover the average cooking needs of a whole family. More precisely, that means that an average family of 5-7 members can cook 3 meals a day, also several hours after dark.




Furthermore, the financial and ecological cost of using the ECOCA is much lower compared to the annual cost of using comparable electricity generating technologies, such as a diesel generator.

As opposed to diesel or wood-fueled cooking installations, the ECOCA does not produce any poisonous smoke or releases CO2, which can be very dangerous in indoor spaces. It is completely run by solar energy and therefore a sustainable and healthy alternative for the families.

Additional features:


Apart from the cooking unit itself, the ECOCA is further equipped with two USB charging ports and two rechargeable, portable lamps.

These features enable the users to charge smaller appliances such as mobile phones and razors. This allows for a variety of indoor activities, also after sunset, such as education and hand craft, giving the families possibilities for generating further income and self-development.

Technical specifications



  • 400W
  • ceramic insulated
  • stainless steel
  • aluminum cast heat element



base cabinet:

  • LFP 25.6V 24A Battery
  • Digital & 3 programs control
  • time & date
  • USB ports
  • countdown timer
  • intelligent cooking algorithms



PV Panel Kit

  • Polycrystalline technology
  • 275W power

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