Pesitho Developments at Camp +

In 2020, Pesitho revealed that we would be part of a new project developed with partners CARE Denmark and CARE Norway, establishing the worlds very first sustainable refugee camp.

Due to Covid 19, we had unfortunate delays in building our portion of the camp which is our solar-powered community ECOCA kitchens. These kitchens allow access to energy for cooking meals for the family without being exposed to harmful smoke and emissions, also electricity to charge mobile phones and battery-powered household lamps.

Today, we are incredibly happy to announce that production is back on, and we are once again starting to see our plans come to life.

In March 2021, the Pesitho team travelled to Uganda to assist local contractors at the Camp in assembling the community kitchens installed inside buildings from LifeShelter. We were able to survey the first structures being built as well as the ongoing installations. So far, we are very impressed with how the project is evolving, with each community kitchen consisting of 10 ECOCA stations available for families to use, providing access to solar-powered energy for cooking and electricity for charging small items.

As you can see in the pictures below, the Life Shelters have a unique shape, making them easy to recognize amongst other buildings in the area. There will be three shelters zones strategically placed around the settlement, to ensure adequate access to the residents. Since the communal kitchens are solar-powered, we aim to reduce firewood consumption not only reducing deforestation in the surrounding woodland areas but also reduce exposure to harmful pollutants present while burning firewood. This also means that families, particularly women and children, can avoid the arduous task of collecting firewood and instead have a close-by facility for their daily cooking and charging needs. We are looking forward to giving more updates as our project progresses.

You can find out more about Camp Plus here: CAMP +

What is innovative about this project?

The vision of the CAMP+ project is to create the world’s first climate-positive refugee camp. The aim is to define and test a model for a self-sustaining climate positive refugee camp that produces sustainable food and clean energy for 100,000 refugees. CAMP+ presents a holistic, integrated, and circular approach by including natural resource management planning, livelihood training, waste management, sustainable energy (for lighting, charging, etc.), sustainable cooking fuel and climate-smart agriculture and food production systems.
The model camp will integrate a mix of tested and proven solutions and programming, with new and innovative technology. (Source)

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