Updates from the field – Team Trip No.2 / 2021

A lot has happened in only 2 months!


In late May our team was able to realize the second trip to Uganda this year.


This time we had the chance to visit several locations throughout the entire country, including our local assembly sites that are the result of continuous successful partnerships with Care Denmark, Caritas Denmark, Caritas Uganda and CIDI, as well as the refugee settlements where we were fortunate enough to interview some of our beneficiaries.


The experiences our beneficiaries already made using the ECOCA solar cookstove in the refugee settlements, as well as members of a local coffee cooperative showed that the switch to solar powered cooking solutions already had immense positive effects on their daily life and cooking habits.


All noticed significant improvements in terms of money saved from stopping to buy charcoal, time saved by not having to collect firewood several times a week and improved health due to the complete absence of smoke during cooking.


The interviews and conversations with beneficiaries, business partners and technicians at the local assemblies provided us with a lot of insightful feedback that we gladly take back to Denmark to improve our product even further and arrange agreements to produce and sell more units in order to provide as many people as possible with ECOCA cookstoves.


We are happy, impressed and excited about the well-functioning assembly, the many requests from potential buyers and most importantly the positive feedback and stories from people who already have access to the ECOCA.


We are looking forward to our next visit to further follow along the progress that is made by our partners and staff every day!

Have a look at some of the impressions of our local team, assembly and partners:

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