SDG 1 – No Poverty

How the ECOCA helps with income generation


Conventional ways of cooking primarily used in refugee camps in Uganda include cooking over open fire using firewood or charcoal to keep the fire burning for many our throughout the day, until late at night.


This does not only mean that large amounts of natural resources are required, they also cost refugees a major part of their monthly income. On top of these costs, especially women have to invest many hours daily to collect firewood, keep the fire burning and pay attention to the open fire, making it a time-consuming endeavor to provide their families with food on a daily basis.


The ECOCA solar-powered cookstove reduces all of these costs, both monetary and time-wise, significantly. People are no longer required to collect, or pay for bio mass to fuel open fires, since the ECOCA runs on electricity generated from the corresponding solar panel.


Apart from that, women do not have to invest hours on collecting firewood, and further do not have to be worried about their children being in danger around open fire – the ECOCA comes with two lids, and can heat food for several hours, eliminating the need for constant checking.


Furthermore, the ECOCA cabinet comes with two USB-ports making it possible to charge phones or minor electrical devices such as electrical razors with solar power. This makes it possible for owners to generate an income by setting up hairdressing or phone charging businesses.


All these savings make it possible for refugees to invest more money and time in other jobs and activities, which helps to generate an income for their families.

In this way the ECOCA solar-powered cookstove helps to contribute to SDG1 – No Poverty!

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