Phone Repair & Radio Station – Why the ECOCA is more than a stove

In May we met one of our very first beneficiaries, Bajura, a man living in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement, Yumbe, Uganda.


Since receiving his ECOCA back in 2020, he has established a phone repair & radio business, based on the solar panel and the cabinet.

At our visit he shows us around his station and explains how it evolved.

Bajura’s phone repair & radio station consists of a hut on a square in between a number of private properties and family homes in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement. 


His shop does not only contain the ECOCA, but the solar panel that comes with the stove is his main energy source, charging the stove itself with energy from the sun.  Because of the USB-ports on the cabinet he can further charge other electronic devices, such as smartphones and small radios.


Over time he also acquired a big speaker and an equalizer, loud enough to cover the surrounding area with music and news from the radio.

Bajura’s story inspires us. He is a brilliant example of how one product is not the solution to only one problem. 

The ECOCA can be used in many different ways, and can help people in more ways than just preparing food.

The solar panel, access to electricity and therefore being able to charge phones and other electronic devices means much more, and has an immense impact on beneficiaries.

Not only is Bajura able to provide the neighboring households with news from the radio and music. He has established an entire business around phone repair and charging, resulting in tangible income that can help him sustain himself and his family.

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