PESITHO mentioned in Sweco Report

PESITHO as possible solution to meet largest part of energy demand in refugee settlements



The newly published report “Renewable Electrification of Refugee Camps” by Sweco has investigated refugees’, families’ and host communities’ current needs sources of electrification of refugee camps. The report found that the need for cooking represents the largest demand for energy by far, which currently is met mostly by the use of fossil fuels such as wood, charcoal and diesel.


According to the authors, current energy systems produce estimated emissions of 26000 tons of CO2 per year for a settlement hosting about 50000 people. If these needs for energy could be replaced by renewable energy sources, such as solar power, the emissions would drop to zero.


PESITHO is mentioned in the report as a possible solution to achieve such change. By providing the ECOCA, which includes a cooking unit, solar panel, insulated pot and additional lamp and torch, the cooking and electrification needs of an entire household can be met by a single product.

You can read about all details and alternatives in the full report:

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