Pesitho installs 50 ECOCAs in Myanmar

One week after installing our first 50 ECOCAs in Uganda,  Pesitho has been working with Caritas Denmark and Caritas Myanmar (Karuna Mission Social Solidarity) to install the next 50 cookstoves to families in Myanmar. Families from Kaupaunpin and Kapen villages will receive person training on all the cooking and additional, ensuring that they feel confident to use their new cookstove every day.

We have included additional features in the cookstove, including a USB port that allows mobile phone and small appliance charging. The ECOCA also comes with two lamps, one that can be used for bringing light into the home – great for late night homework sessions and the other for more mobile use like walking to latrines at night. These families will now have access to a clean and sustainable source of electricity that provides 2 cooked meals a day for their families (most families tend to cook twice a day, cooking larger quantities at lunch to consume later for supper).

We thank everyone for supporting our work so far!

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