Malawi Pilot – 230 ECOCA’s with WFP

230 ECOCA cooking units are waiting to be distributed to refugees in Malawi

The 1st of June 230 ECOCA solar cookstove units arrived to a Warehouse in Malawi, where they are tested, installed and soon to be delivered to refugees in two different locations in the country.


The contact was established through World Food Program and their team in Malawi, who PESITHO has perviously been working with on their Innovation accelerator program in Burundi. Based on this partnership new contacts emerged and we were ready to send 230 stoves to Malawi.

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and safety restrictions the team was not yet able to distribute the cooking units to the families in the refugee camps yet. However, the team is looking to get the stoves out to beneficiaries as soon as possible.


The families have been pre-selecteed through he WFP team, based on vulnerability (therefore primarily single-mother households, as women mainly take up cooking for the family and are mostly not able to work besides taking care of children and household as a single-parent) and areas where food shortages are the most pressing.

The Malawi team reports back from pilot testing 3 ECOCA stoves in the warehouse.


As they describe; they have to test and learn about the product and its possibilities, as it is a “completely new approach”. Charging, set-up, installation and use of the solar cooking units are pre-tested before delivery to refugees in the settlements because “Installation is more than just a delivery”.


“This is a learning process, and we are still learning ourselves”- says Kevin, one of the staff at the warehouse, who works for WFP in Malawi since June. He and his colleague are the main responsible employees for the ECOCA pilot project and can already confirm a huge willingness to use and learn about the ECOCA in the refugee community.

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We are happy to hear about the strong interest in our product from different places and are grateful for the many established contacts, pilot-projects, and partnerships we accomplished so far.


We are looking forward to future projects and hope to reach many more people in need in different locations.



If you would like to get in touch, feel free to contact us through the formula below!

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