The Journey 2 Scale Grant

The Journey 2 Scale Grant by HIF & Elrha

The joint efforts of PESITHO and Mercy Corps are going to be supported by HIF & Elrha to expand the production and retail network of ECOCA cookstoves at the local assembly in Bidibidi, Uganda

Back in September 2020 PESITHO applied for the Journey 2 Scale grant, issued by the Humanitarian Innovation Fund and Elrha, aimed for humanitarian innovators who have proof of a successful pilot project of their business in at least one humanitarian setting.
In the case of PESITHO along with our partner Mercy Corps, we will use the financial support in order to expand the current production and retail network of our ECOOP facilities (ECOCA local production and assembly in Bidibidi refugee settlement, Uganda)

The aim is to expand our current operations and networks in Uganda along 5 major goals:

  1. Establishment of a Pay-As-You-Cook system (PAYC)
    payment based on usage instead of existing up-front installments & manual set-up
  2. Establishment of a Carbon Credit Scheme
    Emission compensation due to CO2 quotas that can be purchased
  1. Build and operate ECOCA East Africa SMC (EEA) as a local arm of PESITHO Holding Aps.
  2. Establishment of retailer network to increase ECOCA uptake and accessibility
    increased demand in ECOCA units, therefore job creation in the local assembly
  3. Adaptation of business model for additional markets
    (peri-urban & urban Uganda)  access to new consumer groups & increased demand in ECOCA units

We feel honored and proud to see that our efforts are recognized and supported in this way. We are thankful to have the opportunity to expand our current projects and collaborations with existing partners in order to work towards supplying even more people with clean cooking facilities, while at the same time creating jobs and fighting climate change.

We will be posting updates along the course of the project and are excited to share the steps of our Journey 2 Scale!

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