Individual training on the ECOCA

Working with our local partners from  Karuna Mission Social Solidarity and Caritas Uganda, we at Pesitho have been able to ensure that each individual family receiving the ECOCA, will receive full training on their new cookstove. This not only to gives a greater sense of confidence when using the ECOCA for their everyday needs like cooking, charging and using the lamps, but also allows for better a sense of ownership.

We understand that changing ones cooking methods as well as adapting to new technology can feel overwhelming, deterring people from integrating the ECOCA into their daily routine. In this way, individual training can ensure that the end users feel comfortable adopting the cook stove, learning how to use the solar panel, the different modes of cooking, charging small electronic items and making best use of the two ECOCA lamps.

We want our ECOCA households to enjoy the process of cooking without being exposed to the harmful pollutants that derive from cooking with solid biomass and plastic. In this way, families will also spend less time on fuel collection benefiting both family members daily life and environmental impacts.

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