Green Technology Innovations Lifting People out of Poverty

Pesitho was mentioned by Caritas Denmark in their article about Green Technology Innovations.  You can read the full article here:


Pesitho has developed the a device which they call ‘ECOCA’. It is a solar cooker and solar home system in one. It consists of an electric stove top, a battery pack and a solar panel array. This provides a potential solution to the deforestation taking place in many settings globally, especially around many refugee settlements. The ECOCA comes with a highly insulated pot which will keep food warm for hours. The cooker uses small, compact solar panels to generate electricity which is stored in the built-in battery.


In a standard configuration, an average sub-Saharan rural family will easily have its daily cooking needs covered by the cooker. The battery pack is sufficient to ensure efficient running of the kitchen for several hours after dark. The cooker is also fitted with a standard USB port for charging smartphones and an AUX power outlet for small appliances such as razors. The unit is equipped with an LED light, making indoor activities such as education and handcrafts possible after sunset without the usage of conventional fuel sources. In this way, the ECOCA also functions as the family’s power supply with no operational costs.

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Caritas Denmark helped test the solar cookers in Uganda.

Image from Caritas Denmark

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