NOW CLOSED – Crowdfunding: Female Empowerment with Sustainary

We are excited to announce the launch of our first ever crowdfunding campaign, which now gives you a chance to directly support our mission and donate an ECOCA stove.  

Thus far, Pesitho has worked exclusively with NGO’s, UN bodies and local governments to provide affordable and clean energy for cooking with our ECOCA stoves to conflict affects, marginalized and vulnerable communities. This has been an incredible effort that has helped us launch our ECOCA stoves in multiple locations, also establish our Ecoca Cooperative in Uganda.  



Alongside this journey we have made is our mission to raise awareness on the issues people face when it comes to lack of clean cooking option. We are often greeted with two comments: ‘I had no idea about this’ and ‘how can I help’.  That is why we are incredibly happy to make create this opportunity, to ensure more light is shed on this issue and the work we are doing, also creating a chance for you to support our goal.  



We are starting with the task of raising funds to provide 7 ECOCA stoves to single parent families living at the Bidibidi Refugee Camp.  



Using the Co-operative platform and guided by Sustainary, we created the option for you can purchase a reward, that will go towards an ECOCA stove for a family, but also a reward for yourself, fx, reducing your personal carbon footprint. 

Here are our rewards: 

Please look at our crowdfunding page to learn more about this campaign.  

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