Updates on Pesitho’s ECOCA Cooperative in Uganda

In February 2021, the Pesitho team travelled to Northern Uganda, where our first local cooperative is situated, just outside of the Bidibidi Refugee Settlement. We have been working hard for many months to develop our cooperative, working in partnership Caritas Denmark and local partners CIDI and Caritas Uganda.

We are very excited to update you with more information on how the developments to the cooperative are coming along. Today we have updates straight from the field, Pesitho’s Director, Simon, takes us around the Cooperative building, and shows us where Marco and Nikki are busy training the local team in their new roles including sales, assembly and tracking. Our local team are members of both Bidibidi Refugee Settlement as well as the host community.

Watch Simons video updates here:

It has been crucial for Pesitho to include the local community in all phases of developing our cooperative, where we aim to improve the capacity of community members, livelihoods development, social cohesion between groups, as well as promoting local ownership to ensure a more sustainable and lasting business in providing access to clean and affordable energy for cooking.

The journey so far in developing our Cooperative has been a great experience and we are looking forward to start distributing our ECOCA solar-powered cookstoves to the communities. The ECOCA will not only provide affordable and clean access to energy for cooking, boiling water and charging electrical items like lamps and mobile phones but also functions as an alternative fuel to firewood. This means protecting the local environment reducing forestation also indoor air pollution associated with burning solid biomass (firewood and charcoal).

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ECOCA Projects

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