Find answers to the most commonly asked questions related to the functioning of your ECOCA electric solar cookstove here.


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1. The Screen shows “RTC error”

Please contact your retail agent, this technical default requires a technician to open the cabinet and fix the issue, we kindly ask you not to do so on your own, as this will result in loss of warranty.


2. The screen is blinking

Turn the ECOCA off and turn it on again by pressing the “on” button. If this does not work please contact your local retail agent.


3. The Screen says “Battery too low”

Leave the ECOCA to charge for at least several hours, most likely a day. Make sure that it is able to charge, meaning the cabinet is correctly connected to the solar panel via the cable and that the panel is positioned towards the direct sunlight.


4. The Screen is dark and does not show anything

First, try to push the “on” button, possibly your ECOCA is simply not started.
If that does not work, try to charge the ECOCA, the battery possibly lacks energy.
If both options do not show to work, please contact your local retail agent.

Please keep in mind that newer ECOCA cookstove versions turn off by themselves! This means it is normal for them to show a completely dark screen when not put to use!


5. The fan inside the ECOCA stove is constantly running

That is completely normal. The ECOCA is cooling down through air being circulated through the cabinet using the fan. If the fan is running it means your ECOCA is still warm and needs to bee cooled off.


6. I got water in the plug of the pot

Remove the pot from the stove, place it upside down in a sunny spot and let it dry for some hours.


7. I spilled water down the cabinet

That is no problem. The ECOCA cabinet has holes in the bottom, allowing excess water to simply drain through the stove.


8. How do I know if my ECOCA is fully charged?

In fact, there is no 100% accurate way for you to know which level the battery is at. The measurement shown on the screen refers to volt charged, which is not directly relatable to the capacity to cook. The battery on the screen only has 3 “levels” where as charging level may be different.

To be sure your ECOCA is fully charged, place the solar panel in the direct sunlight, angled towards the sun and let the cabinet charge for a day. It will further indicate being fully charged if the battery icon is completely filled and no star symbol is blinking. If the battery icon is full and the ECOCA does not state it is charging although placed to charge in direct sunlight, that means the battery is full.


9. My ECOCA does not charge

Reason 1: It is already fully charged.

Reason 2: Is the ECOCA correctly put to charge? Is the cabinet connected with the panel via the cable? Is the solar panel placed outside, facing direct sunlight? Did the ECOCA have at least several hours, or an entire day to charge?

Reason 3: If both reasons above do not apply, please contact your local retail agent as it may be a technical issue that has to be repaired by a technician.


10. Where and how should I position the solar panel?

In order for the ECOCA to charge efficiently, place the solar panel outside, facing the sun at all times. Ideally changing the angle with the movement of the sun during the day, so that the panel always receives direct sunlight.