Upon receiving your ECOCA electric solar cookstove, you should find these parts delivered to you:



Solar Panel


2 pots

How to set up your ECOCA for the first time


Before taking the ECOCA electric solar cookstove into use it must be fully charged. 


To achieve this, place the Solar Panel outside in a sunny place, free from trees, other houses etc., so that sun can hit the surface all day. Let it stand / lay outside the entire time until the ECOCA is fully charged.


Connect the solar panel to the cabinet using the cable. Pay attention to the screen. Once the ECOCA has charged sufficiently to run the screen, it will light up and show a charging symbol.


Please make sure the battery symbol is full, and the star symbol is not blinking before using the ECOCA, as this means the battery is still charging.


Once fully charged, you can turn on your ECOCA by pressing the button “on” on the cabinet.


Place one of the pots on the connection point.


Fill the pot with ingredients of your choice and choose the corresponding cooking program from the buttons “1” “2” or “3” on the cabinet.


Button 1:

Button 2:

Button 3: