SDG 7 – Affordable & Clean Energy

How does the ECOCA ensure clean cooking? 


The ECOCA is a solar cooking stove, meaning that it is driven by solar power. 

As opposed to conventional off-grid cooking, this means that no fossil fuels or other materials need to be burned.

Up to this day, almost 3 billion people use charcoal, fire-wood or gas for cooking. All fossil fuels release smoke and toxins into the air when they are burned in order to make fires for cooking. These small particles can cause diseases such as lung cancer and are a major threat to the health of the people close to the cooking facilities.

Furthermore, the use of fossil fuels severely contributes to climate change, as trees are cut for fire-wood supply and CO2 is released when materials are burnt.

The ECOCA makes cooking clean because no smoke, toxins or other chemicals are released into the air when used. This means that it does neither affect people’s health nor the environment and provides a sustainable, healthy and climate friendly alternative to conventional cooking solutions.


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Where does the energy come from?


The ECOCA is a solar-powered cookstove, which means it derives its energy from the sun.

The appliances comes with a solar panel that is set up next to the cooking facilities. The solar penal transforms energy from the sun into electrical energy that can power the ECOCA stove.

Our solar panels generate enough energy to have the stove running long enough to cook 3 meals a day for an entire family.