SDG 2 – Zero Hunger

hours of collecting firewood
saved per month
dollars for wood
saved per month
dollars for fuel
saved per month

How is the ECOCA actively contributing to reducing hunger?


Before receiving the ECOCA many families had to sell parts of their food rations in order to buy fuel such as charcoal or diesel in order to make fire for cooking. Due to the ECOCA this money is saved, since it is run by solar power, meaning that the families can keep all food rations and there is more food available to eat.


Furthermore, the ECOCA contributes the families to follow more diverse diets. The time previously spent on collecting firewood can now be used for farming, which on one hand provides them with larger amounts of food, which they are able to sell and on the other hand growing more diverse crops than before.


When families were not able to collect firewood themselves they previously had to pay for fuel to make fires for cooking. About 3$ for fuel and 1,4$ for wood were spent weekly. This money can now be saved and used for food or other everyday necessities.


Another important factor is the time and energy saved from not collecting firewood. About 30 hours per month of carrying heavy wood in extreme heat are avoided and can be used for farming, education, crafts or cooking at the camp.