SDG 16 – Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions

How can the ECOCA contribute to peace?


Conventional cooking in many parts of the world still happens through burning fossil fuels such as firewood and charcoal in open fires. The task of collecting firewood for cooking is an occupation mostly carried out by women and comes with several risks.


One of them being the fact that residents of refugee camps have to leave the camp in order to find wood supply. It puts them in danger of getting attacked, both physically, psychologically or sexually on their way to collect firewood by groups or individuals.


Having the solar-powered ECOCA in their homes means no more firewood collection is necessary, and women and children can stay inside the camps, without having to worry about possible dangers that come with preparations for cooking. The ECOCA runs on solar energy and comes with a solar penal, meaning that it is ready for use at any point without further supplies.