SDG 15 – Life on Land

How does the ECOCA contribute to conservation of life on land?



Traditional cooking on open stoves with wood-fuel requires collection of firewood. In order to cover the amounts needed for daily cooking demand that local communities in some parts of the world need, this means deforestation in the areas.

Trees are cut down, causing animals to lose their natural habitat and large areas turn into deserted landscapes.

Furthermore, the burning of firewood and other fossil fuels used for cooking purposes releases smoke containing toxic particles and CO2, which heavily contributes to climate change.


The ECOCA presents a solution to this issue as it does not cause any CO2 emissions due to being run on solar energy. The energy supplied by the solar panel is sufficient to cook three meals a day for an entire family without relying on any fossil fuels such as charcoal or firewood. 
The negative impacts on climate, health and local fauna are hereby avoided and clean and healthy cooking for all live on land is achieved.