Pesitho celebrates World Wildlife Day 2021

This year, World Wildlife Day has chosen the theme: “Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet”. This theme particularly resonates with our work at Pesitho, since a big part of our mission in providing access to affordable and clean energy, includes marginalised groups who are dependent on the forests around them for their cooking fuel supply and overall livelihoods.

About World Wildlife Day:

“Indigenous peoples and local communities are at the forefront of the symbiotic relationship between humans and forest, forest-dwelling wildlife species and the ecosystem services they provide. Roughly 28% of the world’s land surface is currently managed by indigenous peoples, including some of the most ecologically intact forests on the planet. These spaces are not only central to their economic and personal well-being, but also to their cultural identities.

Forests, forests species and the livelihoods that depend on them currently find themselves at the crossroads of the multiple planetary crises we currently face, from climate change, to biodiversity loss and the health, social and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

On March 3 2021, World Wildlife Day will celebrate forest-based livelihoods and seek to promote forest and forest wildlife management models and practices that accommodate both human well-being and the long-term conservation of forests, forest-dwelling species of wild fauna and flora and the ecosystems they sustain and promote the value of traditional practices and knowledge that contribute to establishing a more sustainable relationship with these crucial natural systems.” – Source: World Wild Life Day

What can you do?


Pesitho has partnered with NGO’s Gorilla Habitat and Caritas Denmark to provide our ECOCA solar-powered stove to marginalised groups residing outside of the Bwindi forest surrounding the Virunga mountains in Western Uganda, home to the endangered mountain gorilla. Since fuel collection is restricted and been forbidden in some areas in order to conserve the habitat of the gorillas, families who have resided in the areas for hundreds of years, are now facing are difficult situation. Due to lack of access to electricity or alternative fuel types, many are left without an option to cook food for their families and ultimately must use the forest for firewood, putting the stability of conservation at risk. By providing our solar-powered ECOCA stove, families can have access to a sustainable source of energy for cooking everyday. The ECOCA does not produce any harmful emissions, providing cleaner air for those who live in the surrounding areas, as well as for the endangered animals they share their forest with. You can find out more about our project here and even make a small donation towards providing families with access to an affordable, clean and sustainable energy source for cooking:

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