Aarhus University students create data extraction and storage tool for Pesitho

As part of their semester project, Business Development Engineering students from Aarhus University in Denmark reached out to Pesitho to gain more insights into the technological and business aspects of our projects with our ECOCA cookstove.


The Pesitho Team were excited to share our experiences with the team and collaborate on designing a data extraction tool that would help Pesitho better understand the user behaviour of families cooking with our ECOCA stove. Data collection is a large part of our work at Pesitho, monitoring the performance and usability of our ECOCA. Since most of our work takes place in off-grid rural areas, we use an in-house developed mobile app, that allows us to effectively extract data from the ECOCA.


Together with the team of students, we looked at designing a database management system and front-end solution to ensure greater quality control of extracted data. Over 6 months, the students did an incredible job developing and implementing the design, creating a functioning mechanism that transfers the mobile data into a storage base allowing the data to be extracted at any given point. The front-end solution has created a more convenient way to access the stored data, meaning we can search for specific data types e.g., usage or repairs within a certain point in time, overall creating a more accessible function.

The collaboration with Pesitho on the ECOCA was a super educational and exciting process. Throughout our project, we were guided very well by the employees and through that, we got to know ECOCA. We are all excited about the product and the opportunity to make it even better”.

– Elisabeth Katballe, BDE student at Aarhus University


Great work to the student team. We hope you enjoyed your time working with us!