The ECOCA is a compact, self-contained, multi-purpose home unit consisting of an electric base that includes a battery pack and solar panel array (250W). The unit is small and light weight with a user-centric approach to its ease of use. The ECOCA also comes with a highly insulated pot which will keep food warm for hours. The ECOCA uses solar panels to generate electricity which is stored in the built-in battery (20Ah).


In standard configuration, an average rural family will easily have daily cooking needs covered by the ECOCA and even at a lower annual cost than polluting diesel generators. The modular system makes it possible to increase the power capacity of the unit by adding more solar panels or battery capacity when needed. The battery pack is sufficient enough to ensure efficient running of the kitchen for several hours after dark and can cook 3 meals per day for a family of 5-7 members.


Additional features:

The ECOCA is also fitted with 2 standard USB charging ports and an AUX power outlet for small appliances such as razors and mobile phone charging. In this way, the ECOCA also functions as the family’s solar home system with no operational costs.

An additional feature of the ECOCA is that it comes with 2 LED rechargeable portable lamps, making indoor activities such as education and hand craft possible with without the usage of conventional fuel sources.