At PESITHO we are devoted to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals!

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Zero Hunger

Families who sell or exchange their food rations for firewood or charcoal, can now save this food, and thus have a more diverse diet. In Uganda, the number of ECOCA beneficiaries exchanging part of their WFP food rations has dropped from 55% to 0%.

Good Health And Well-Being

Reducing the number of deaths and illnesses associated with solid biomass for cooking, which also burns eyes and throats and skin. Reducing firewood collection saves families, arduous journeys carrying heavy loads for hours in extreme temperatures, causing back, joint and psychological pain. There has been a 59% reduction in time spent of fuel collection in Myanmar and an average of 7.25 man hours per week saves in Uganda since adopting the ECOCA.

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Quality Education

Children, especially girls, can attend school more often rather than collecting firewood. With the ECOCA LED lamps, children and adolescents can also now do homework and study in the evenings.

Affordable And Clean Energy

Ensuring energy access and security for cooking is essential for reducing poverty. The LED rechargeable lamps and USB ports provided for charging small household appliances saves families time and money.

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Life On Land

The ECOCA reduces the demand on wood and charcoal for cooking, reducing the impact these fuels have on reforestation and fauna destruction.

Peace, Justice And Strong Institutions

Reducing the need to collect firewood, an activity which usually involves leaving refugee settlements or villages. Using the ECOCA reduces risk of physical, psychological or sexual violence for individuals during firewood collection.

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