Kaupaunpin and Kapen villages, Myanmar

In 2019, Pesitho installed 50 ECOCA units in the rural villages of Myanmar with Caritas Denmark . According to UNDP, the national grid of Myanmar only covers 7 percent of rural villages depriving the majority of villagers of access to energy and electricity.


The ECOCA offers and off grid energy solution to many families who otherwise use environmentally harmful alternative fuels for their cooking purposes.


Many villagers, mainly women and children also spend around 20 hours collecting woodfuel a month, which not only takes away from their daily activities like school and businesses, but also contributes to mass deforestation, a pressing issue that is only increasing in Myanmar. 


Given that most families cook indoors in Myanmar, the ECOCA ensures that it is much safer than burning solid biomass for cooking for long periods every day.

Read more about the results of the project at Caritas Denmark website